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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

School update

It is now day three of the new school year (at least for the school my son attends,) and so far there have been two issues that were addressed and two phone calls. Not bad for only three days!

The first issue that was dealt with (...with no phone call to come and pick up my son,) was an altercation with another student. This is a huge first! Not only did the school deal with it in a prompt manner, they also 'closed' the incident so there will be no other problems. Hallelujah!

The second issue had to do with my son's level of learning. Since grade six, the regular school system simply passed my son regardless of whether he actually learned enough information to warrant the passing grade. I have been fighting this battle with no results until now. The last school my son attended, Betty Gilbert Middle School, as well as his previous school, Ecolé Christine Morrison, both refused to fail my son, opting instead to pass him into the next grade, citing "school policy" as the reason. I don't know what good this policy is doing by simply moving children through the system as it seems to be based on the child being with his "peer group" instead of learning.

However, the first thing Apex did (my son's new school,) was to place him in the grade eight classroom instead of the grade nine class that was recommended on his final report card from last year. Finally, my son will now receive (she says with fingers crossed,) the education that has been sorely lacking for the last three years.

I was also informed by the principal, Ms. Epicch, that the only time my son will ever be sent home from school, aside from being legitimately sick, is if he comes to school under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or if he brings a weapon...both of which I am confident he will not do. (Again, with crossed fingers!)

The phone calls that I have received to date, were from the family support worker, (another plus this school has over the regular system,) who informed me that so far my son was actually completing work in the classroom and they were working on his paranoia regarding his allergies and food. The second phone call was this morning informing me that he had missed the bus. (This I already knew and had dropped him off at the office moments before the call.)

So far I am thrilled with the way they are handling and dealing with my son. There just might be a light at the end of the tunnel after all! I will keep you posted...

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