Welcome to One Small Step for Parents! Our goal is to help you find the right resources, support and information that is needed to make informed choices. Without the proper tools we, as parents and adults, don't know what will help our situation or what works and doesn't work. Here at One Small Step, we have done our best to take the guesswork and confusion out of the equation by supplying tools, resources and online support.


Wherever you call home, if you are living with ADHD and its many attendant disorders, support can be as necessary as breathing! You might be like I and many others were, unaware, and have only recently discovered that you or your child has ADHD.

Regardless of how you managed to find your way here, help and solutions are available. You can choose to join our online community to connect with other parents or adults facing similar challenges to your own, participate in our forum, or select one of the websites listed below or on the U.S. and UK pages.

The links listed below are for blogs and support groups listed online.

Online parent coaching for parents of children with Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Parenting defiant children and teens support group

Online parenting coach - dealing with teens and their mood swings