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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to School

Well, all too soon, the summer is over and kids everywhere are gearing up for the first days of school...except my son! He is still more concerned with video games and visiting friends than he is with new clothes and school supplies.

He did enjoy his new school's summer program though, and with the exception of being sick for one day and trying to con his way out of a couple more, he did manage to complete the program and participate in all the activities. His reward for sticking to it is 10% towards any grade for the school year.

As the summer program was 'held' at his school, he also had a chance to get to know some of the other students who will be attending, as well as the lay out and some of the teachers, so at least when he finally attends his first day, he won't feel so lost and out of place.

He only had one day where he phoned home complaining about being picked on, and there were no phone calls from the staff asking me to come and get him due to his behavior. That in itself gives me hope for his grade nine experience!

My son also had to take public transportation to and from the summer program, which has given him the opportunity to experience a wider world. He adapted quite well to riding the bus, which gave me the idea to expand his horizons a bit more by showing him how to get from our house to his friends house (over an hours drive away) using the skytrain (ELRT - elevated lite rail transportation.) By the time he comes home, he should be more than able to take the bus to the ELRT station ane visit his friend without me tagging along...we shall wait and see how successful this experiment is...

One small step towards independence...


  1. Hi Enelle, I found an artical that you wrote and some how I came across it while i was searching for information on my daughters recent behavior these last six months. She is ADHD and has been steeling a whole lot latley from family and close friends. So I came across your artical called Living with an ADHD/ODD child92
    As I was reading I realized how a lot of your battles with your son I am having with my daughter and I would like to talk with you if thats all right. I hope to hear back from you some how; I will be checking back to see if there is a way that we can maybe exchange email or facebook information so that we can talk and maybe I can ask your advise. There is a reason I found you and relate to you and hope that we can talk some day.

    Bianca's mom

  2. My pleasure 'Bianca's mom' you can contact me through hubpages (the article) through here, or through my email, harondezyn@hotmail.com
    You are most welcome to join this blog/online community and add your voice to the growing list :)
    United we stand...you know the rest...hopefully we will be able to help others dealing with these issues.