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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hello Enelle and all the other frustrated parents,
Just found a VERY lengthy article, "The Drugging of Our Children" by Gary Null (you can Google it) that really delves into the ADD/ADHD problem (seemingly concentrated in North America according to this, as we account for 96% of the prescription use worldwide) and the topic of medicating. I haven't read the entire article as it is quite long, ( I plan to) but was intrigued by what I have read so far.
For instance: The musings of newspaper columnist Rod Allee: "There was a boy who in his early teens was a bad student, failing in many classes. Thought to be bright and encouraged by his parents and his uncles, the boy could not bring himself to pay attention. He dropped out of school and took long walks. Meetings were held. No psychiatric medicine was available. The boy's personality changed not a whit. Nevertheless the boy became a legend. Yes, that boy was Albert Einstein. It is possible, in my mind, probable, that had psychiatric medications been prescribed for the young Albert, the world would never have learned about relativity."
Perhaps some of you have read about the teenage girls in an Upstate NY high school who were all perfectly healthy and have developed, overnight, (in one case literally after a nap) tics, spasms and symptoms of Tourette's Syndrome. Many cannot attend school anymore. The cause is a mystery, but many blogging about it are wondering about the much hyped GARDASIL vaccine. I have read articles of girl's becoming quite ill, and some dying after receiving this shot. Of course when the GYNO that my 19 year old daughter went to proposed taking this shot, she balked at my telling her what I had learned. "Where did you hear that?!" she snapped. "EVERYONE is getting this vaccine!" My daughter told me as we left, (no she didn't get the shot) "Mom, NONE of my friends have gotten it."
More and more it is clear that pills and vaccines are being pushed, and pushed hard. It's a VERY lucrative business. Our babies are receiving more vaccines in their tiny bodies than ever before. I find it hard to believe there is no connection between the rise in vaccines and the medical issues we as parents, are dealing with. I don't believe it's just happening. As I've said before, we are all strangers to one another, yet we are all describing the same child. Does no one else but me find this astounding? And as we are ripping our hair out, doctors and drug companies are raking in a lot of money. I'm not saying vaccines shouldn't be, but perhaps they shouldn't be given in multiple form and maybe spaced out a bit so our kids can adjust.
Food for thought. But I have had educator's and my son's pediatrician all confide in me that they do not favor the meds. They do not trust them either. I believe there is a cause, and a cure. Who knows, maybe the "cure" will be something as simple as stopping something from entering their bodies.
posted by: Christina