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Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Fresh Start

This past week has been a busy one. My son and I attended an intake meeting with the school coordinator at a new school, and toured the facilities. I must say I'm rather impressed with what I saw.

There are just over 100 students in the school, from grades seven to twelve, with the average classroom size being 10 to 15 students per class, with 3 adults (one teacher, one TA and one counselor,) in each class. The school also introduces itself as a family instead of a school, which appeals to kids like mine. The school caters to kids who don't fit in the regular school system, or have been in trouble, making it appear to be a good fit for my son.

After speaking with the coordinator, who is also filling the Vice Principal position, I feel relieved and confident that my son will do well there. There is a bus system, plus a lunch program - meals are prepared on the premises - and not only do they prepare lunches, they also serve breakfast. There is a small 'shop' where woodworking and mechanical work are done, a small weight room, music room and gymnasium along with the regular classrooms. There is also a counseling room (should it become necessary) and several counselors available throughout the day.

Because the size of the school is much smaller than regular schools, the staff is better able to assist with students who are having troubles - not understanding, not willing to participate, not willing to work, etc. The students are allowed to listen to music and stand at their desks if that is what helps them to complete the work. Their curriculum is also tailored to their individual needs and strengths, to better facilitate their willingness and ability to learn.

The school also runs a five week long summer day camp from Monday to Thursday each week that provides some academics as well as activities and field trips. The coordinator suggested (as he does with each new registration) that my son attend as this will help the staff to tailor his schooling and get him used to the school, meet some of the students, and settle in.

Overall, I'm pleased and hopeful this next year will be more productive for my son, both with academics and social interaction. He is already looking forward to summer day camp and attending regular classes there. Now if we can just keep his interest....


  1. Hi Enelle,

    I have read a few of your blogs and one of your articles. I can relate to you and your son. My daughter is 6 and it amazes me sometimes how she can think her way around things. She is full of life and just as rambunctious! This school sounds amazing. I really wish there was something like that close to where we live I would be all over it. My fiance and I are prior military. I just recently got out of the service so that I could be at home with my family full time. The stress of being away from them for months at a time was not worth it. Most of the behavioral problems started last year. My fiance and I would sit on the porch many nights wondering what we were doing wrong as parents. I just want to let you know to keep doing what you are doing. There are so many parents out there that recieve so much strength from reading things like this. Its just nice to know that sometimes your not alone out there. Thank you :-)

  2. Hi Chelsea,
    Thank you so much for your kind words :)
    You might be surprised to find a school that is better suited to your daughter. You just have to dig deep and stick to your guns! This is my first breakthrough since my son started school, and I am hopeful that we have finally found a school that understands and knows how to deal with him.
    So far, he is actually doing work in class and hasn't been sent home! They moved him back a grade (which is fine by me as he hasn't been doing any school work since grade 6, but the system keeps passing him - silly I know, but what can you do?) I know I tried everything to have him repeat a grade just so that he would actually get the proper education he needs, with no results. So hopefully he will finally "fit in".
    Again, thank you so much for your support and encouragement!