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Monday, April 4, 2011

Parents Insights

My son had a bad day at school last week, he was in music class (mind you he is in 2nd grade) and the music teacher asked him "to keep his hands to himself." How many times as a parent have we said that phrase?  Anyway, my son got extremely aggressive for no reason and started yelling at the music teacher.  His sudden outburst scared the teacher and she sent him to the principle's office. 

Well, they called me and I had to rush to school to get him.  He was expelled, but the principle thought he needed to "calm" down. I was shocked, embarrassed and didn't even know what to say.  Well, after I got in the car with my son, he explained that he was just "mad" at the teacher for yelling at him.  It took all my strength not to yell and scream at him either.  However, to get him to calm down I had to calm down myself and help him understand that he cannot act like that in school.  He explained that he was just mad....but he doesn't act like that ever.  So the sudden surprise of it was just plain shocking to me! 

Anyway, after he understood that his behavior was wrong and that he shouldn't do it at school he said he was sorry.  I think he understood.  But have other parents encountered these sudden outbursts and been totally taken by surprise by it? 

He is such a good boy and I was totally surprised!! Please share your experiences....

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  1. My son went through a very bad period when he was in grade two as well. I think that year he had more outbursts than any other year, but I put it down my marriage separation.
    He still has outbursts (crosses fingers,) but they seem to be fewer and farther between. On the down side, the upsets are generally bigger!