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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dr. Mel Levine

Today I discovered something that could be viewed as a set back for children with disabilities. I recently joined Twitter, and was browsing through tweets and related articles, when I came across a headline stating: Pediatrician in Abuse Case Killed Himself.

Being curious, I clicked on the link and was surprised to discover that the pediatrician was none other than Dr. Melvin Levine, the same Dr. Levine who with Charles Schwab,  founded a nonprofit group, All Kinds of Minds, that has trained thousands of teachers, a link to which I have listed on my Resources page.

This news now begs the question, do I remove my link to All Kinds of Minds from my site, or do I keep it?  In no way do I condone any type of abuse - be it animal, children, elderly, spousal or any other, and there is a lot of good quality, relevant information on All Kinds of Minds, that I am loathe to ignore or remove simply because of bad press.

For now, the link will stay, simply because we need as much good resource material as we can find.

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